What if I could play without that stylus

User Rating: 7.1 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
I'm always the Wario fan.From the very beginning time in GB,Wario Land,and Wario world,every time I was that excited to expect a funny game,a bad-luck but will-never-give-up Wario,and a good time playing.

Now I welcome the lastest Wario World series on DS.Maybe there's no more 'Wario World'.'Cos you know the rules we play DS and the ways we love the play means it brings.But,an action WOULD and SHOULD not take a touch' way to play.Think 'bout it:when I'm tired to control the character using the cross pad,I must focus on my dear stylus and touch the buttom screen to have the game on the right way,pretend not being killed,get rid of the annoying enemies...

That's why when I first played Wario:Master Of Disguise,I quickly gave out a fair rating:7.What an coincident is in Wario:Master of Disguise,'7' is exactly the number of the jobs Wario can master.I'll keep on playing it,but not for fun any more,just for a collection,and a small hope:Hope next time,we back on the old school.Who says any game on DS should and must use the stylus fuction?Don't forget the dual screen is DS's true birth name.