there's games you can say your stylus is your friend, in some games it isn't. will wario and the stylus get toget

User Rating: 5.5 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
wario MOD was meant to be a great puzzle platformer but, because of a mix of broken ds gimmicks a complicated broken puzzle game and a great wario platformer, it wasn't great after all.

the game's idea is to "help" wario find the wishstone which is supposed to grant wishes (surprisingly) but to make the story longer before more than 400 years ago Pharaoh splited the tablets into 5 pieces (what a great twist). with the help of a wand named Goodstyle that he stole from a guy named Canoli, who is Wario's rival in this game, who seek's Goodstyle back and the wishstone too.

The gameplay :

The game itself is a platformer with touch screen and mic controls such as changing disguises shooting laser flying drawing boxes and more
but as i said with a great Wario platformer and some great puzzles comes the bad part touch screen annoying repeatable minigames bad touch screen controls and puzzles with huge bugs that make the game almost un-passable but beside the bugs the gameplay itself is pretty good

The sound :

Well theres almost nothing to say about it, its nothing special which means its not good but not annoying as in most games

ill continue soon