One word: Unique. Good unique though. One of my favorite Wario games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
This game was so sweet. First, it's already cool that you can change from character to character in order to complete each level, but I love the idea of this game. I mean who else would have thought of this idea besides Nintendo! You have to give them some credit. Second, the game isn't just a game you can finish in a day. Once you finish the story, you can go back and collect all the treasures.It might just be me, but i hate games the are too short. And finally, this game is amazing because it's fast paced. There are bosses that you need to change fast or just any enemies that you need to defeat. There are some bad things about this game though. First, once you collect most of the costumes you'll notice that a lot of the symbols to use the costumes are relatively the same and the game will get confused often. Example: Cosmic Wario's symbol is a circle around his head (Astronaut helmet) and Genius Wario's symbol is a circle with a vertical line at the bottom (Magnifying glass). Second, the storyline is kind of boring. Wario goes into a TV show about a thief and steals his magic wand and Wario takes on the name "the purple wind." No, it doesn't sound too bad, but after a while the characters talking becomes very frequent. That's when it starts to get on your nerves. But overall the good overthrows the bad. I rate this game a 7.5 out of 10.