Could have been much better.

User Rating: 2 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
Wario: Master of Disguise seemed to be the Wario game many people were waiting for, that was not the case with this title. At first game game seems to have been constructed very well, progressing you along at a good pace allowing you to get better and better while collecting new powers. That is where the problem is, most of the game is stylus controlled which causes an extremely large amount of errors -- say you want to change to a different power, you will have to draw some kind of symbol on Wario, many times you will change into something else or you will attack, it is very random and irritating. The game is also extremely short, only 10 levels and a few "challenge levels", the problems is that the levels are either extremely long or short, making the game much more frustrating than it should be. Most of the bosses are fairly easy to defeat, the only hard one is the final boss, it wants you to change disguises every few seconds which does not work very well, and once you finally beat the boss you won't even want to touch those "challenge levels". All in all, this game is very frustrating and relies too heavily on the touch screen in a way that doesn't work, it also has no replayability, it tried something fairly new and failed.