Master of Disguise is by far the worst Wario game ever, bad jokes, non-memorable characters, and just simply a bad game.

User Rating: 4.5 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
After playing about two to four hours with this game, I was just astounded by how much this game sucks, and how short such a hard game could be.

The story, well it's all well and good, but not very memorable. Wario is watching this show about a thief called The Silver Zephyr, and Wario then goes on the toilet and gets the idea to go on the show. He builds a machine that lets him transport into the show, then he steals The Silver Zephyr's wand, who changes him into a so called, "coolest thief on the air." The wand tells you that if you feed him "Guise Gems," he'll give you a costume. Of course you'll steal a gem from The Silver Zephyr, and then Wario gets a thief costume, which lets him run faster and do a sorta karate chop (which involves a unresponsive line on the touch screen.) Then Wario wants his own show so he tells a crappy joke and runs off, while The Silver Zephyr chases him throughout the first boat level.

The costumes are alright, first, of course, is the thief costume. Then there's a spaceman costume that allows the ability to glide and shoot a laser gun. Then there's a a dragon costume that involves Wario breathing fire. Then an artist costume pops up which lets you draw useless doors and hearts to increase health. Finally, there is a devil costume that lets you fly.

The drawing controls are stubborn. When I wanted to draw a heart, it had to be perfect. So, well this is most of the gameplay, and I think that this is main reason that Nintendo made such a terrible game.

The controls are just weird, when I came up to a door, I had to draw a picture on the door, and this is where the terrible touch controls strike down on this hard, but I wondered why Nintendo made it like that instead of players just hitting the up button on the D-Pad. Remember how I talked about how bad the drawing is? Well I nearly through this out the window when a boss fight came. I'll just talk about the first level's boss, oh, and let me get this straight, all bosses have The Silver Zephyr controlling them. So with your two costumes, thief and spaceman, you have to jump up with spaceman, then draw a tiny circle to fire a laser at the ship. Do that three times, you have half an second to draw a the thief symbol, then drawing a slanted line to karate chop the guy, and then repeat two more times. See how annoying bosses can be?

The sound is mediocre, there is no voice-work, besides Wario screaming sometimes. The soundtrack is bad, some tracks are decent, other are just boring and terrible.

So after playing those four hours and beating this short game, I can't recommend you buy this, but if you're hardcore enough to love every Wario game, then I recommend that you rent it, but any average gamer or diehard Nintendo fan, I recommend you skip this title.

Good-Alright story, sometimes funny jokes.

Bad-Terrible drawing controls, bad music, no voice work, not memorable, terrible toilet jokes, and everything else in this rip-off.