Unbalanced & completely overrated, but not without a certain appeal.

User Rating: 3 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
I've tried hard to like this game. I really have. Back when I first got my PS3 this was one of the first games I picked up. I got so terribly frustrated with the unbalanced gameplay that I hadn't touched the game again in years.

Uncharted 3 came with a public beta access code for Starhawk, which is the next iteration of the "hawk" games. The trailers for the new game sparked my interest and I went through my game collection and pulled Warhawk out of mothballs to take another go.

Unfortunately, the experience I had all that time ago had not changed a bit. It is still as frustrating as ever.

My biggest beef with the game is it seems there is no balance at all. A lot of the weapons are terribly overpowered... to the point where I simply lift off the ground in my hawk and before I've had the chance to switch from hover to flight mode I've already got someone locked on and before I know it I'm dead in one hit. Whereas, I can chase around another player for several minutes... firing homing missile after homing missile and they always manage to evade every single thing I shoot at them... without the use of chaffs.

Every so often I find a tactic that works for me, but it never lasts long. Sometimes I'll man the AA turrets or the missile launchers. Sometimes I'll fly around trying to shoot... sometimes I'll drive the tank around and try to take down pedestrians. If you can find your niche in the game and go with it, whether it be flight, ground or manning turrets... then this game can have its moments.

For me, however; this game is just a jumble of mass frustration.

I'll probably jump on the Starhawk public beta when it goes live just to see how it goes, but if it's anything like this game... I am not even going to think of purchasing it. It could be a great game with some modifications, but as it is... I just can't totally like it.