A solid, well designed game (and my personal favorite). Not a 10 because it lacks a 1P campaign.

User Rating: 9.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
Warhawk was the first online game that I have gotten into in depth; while I have played Halo, Resistance, the Battlefield Series at length none of them are to me what Warhawk became. Enough of my rantings; to the review.

First time you pick up the controller you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There is no real tutorial to speak of but its fairly well offset if you take a few minutes to learn the controls in a game you make yourself on the local network.

The troop handles quite well, if not a little realistic in response time to changing directions. The weapon selection is quite expansive, just don't go into battle without grenades and a rifle or you will find yourself dead.

The jeep, being the best way to get somewhere fast on the ground handles correctly and is very responsive to the controller. The machine gun on the back is great for either damaging tanks or harassing planes.

The tank is faster than it looks and packs quite a punch, killing troops if the shot is close enough. If you are feeling ambitious and accurate you can take planes out of the sky with one well placed shot.

The planes are, in my opinion, the best part. It has enough variety to be a game unto itself. The controls take some getting used to but if you get good enough no amount of anything can take you out... unless you get sloppy and hit an air mine.

Overall, a very involving game, worth the buy, if not then the rent. Being a third person shooter it takes time to get acquainted but when you do its all worth it. Plus the developers are adding new content all the time so the purchase gets better and better.