splitscreen online yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3

the good
splitscreen online, well designed maps, cool multiplayer modes, medals, trophies, can customize you're character, cars and planes

the bad
bad instructions, people running with knifes can be irritating,can be hard to fly planes when your a beginer, sometimes it can be hard getting connected

i bought this game with a headset, i found it easier to hear with the mic that comes with socom.Thats all right though. i found the controls pretty tight in a good way. you dont really have to be good at aiming because it has got auto aim i didnt really like that but its all right loads of people run around swinging their knife hoping to get a kill that can be very irritating.
It is loads of fun getting a rocket launcher and shooting down planes it is kind of easy with the auto aim and all that aiming should be in games such gta story mode.
you can also customize your character thats a nice touch loads of games should have i highly recommend this to any one who wants to play with there friend online