undoubtable the best multiplayer game available for the PS3

User Rating: 8 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
If you have been looking for a fun and exciting online experience for the PS3, you search is now over. Your answer is Warkhawk. Warhawk provides a game like no other, esspically to the PS3.

In warhawk you are placed on either a red team or blue team and the objective is obviously to beat the other team in what ever game your playing, weither its capture the flag or team death match. In the game you can either fight on foot, in a vechicle, or in the air. All three have its advantages and disavantages. On foot you can use a whole bunch of weapons to beat your opponents down including machine guns, flamethrowers, missile lauchers, etc. In vechicles you can drive tanks or jeeps to blow up or get where you want to go faster. In the air you can fly in an airplane and commense in dogfights with other airplanes from the other team.

The maps in Warhawk are breath taking. They are huge and full of detail. The only bad thing is that there are only a handful of maps but since the maps are so large and can be made into smaller maps this is not a huge problem. The overall gameplay is very fun and addictting.

Of course not all things are prefect. Sometimes it is very hard to get into games and the ranking system seems to be a bit messed up but they also seem to be fixing these bugs out.

Overall warhawk provides an exciting online experience that can appeal to almost anyone who enjoys war type games