Warhawk: Alot More Than Just Planes

User Rating: 10 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
Warhawk Is certainly not what I expected it would be when I picked up the case, I was originally just wanting to purchase a headset for my PS3 when I discovered Warhawk. Since the game came with a headset I purchased it for the mic only, then I was A bit bored with the games I had so I threw Warhawk in the console and started it up... WOW the BEST online game I have ever encounted, Ghaphics were well detailed, game play was fast and right into the action of things, It suits so many different styles of game play, wheather you prefer staelth tactics, to running in head first. It takes a little while to get use to the controls, then you are away laughing. This seems to have all standard & a few original war weapons and vechiles, from planes to two man tanks to running around on foot with a rocket laucher, flame thrower etc... Myself , I am a person whom seems to clock or finish games really fast then never pick them up again, warhawk doesnt seem to finish, then when I think im sick of playing the same thing, I try other games but they dont seem to have the punch and addiction that warhawk has. This game has been out for a while now and I myself will be on it for some time to come, its great there are more and more updates, and downloads coming out for this game all the time. Dont think about buying this game, JUST DO IT. HatchetKill