User Rating: 9.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
Wow, this is a must buy for the PS3! Graphics are great! Game play is awesome! When you are in a Warhawk flying at high speeds, and you get a missile lock on reading, you know that you must boost as fast as you can and do a flip or barrel roll! I just VERY recently got a PS3, this is the only game I own....AND I AM VERY GLAD I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!! BUY THIS GAME!!! It is so incredibly fun. There are skins and different armor you can get to customize your character, and your warhawk. I ONLY HAVE ONE PROBLEM WITH THIS GAME, some of the weapons are way to powerful, but there are only 2 weapons that I have problems with. Those are the knife and the one type of missile.
OVERALL this is a MUST BUY for the Playstation 3. Oh and did I mention it comes with a blu-ray microphone?? Well it does (yes I do realize that the game it's self is 40 bucks without the microphone, but still...) I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO BUY THIS GAME, IT IS SO FUN!