Try the endless trial! I resubscribed and its alot of fun!

User Rating: 9.5 | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC
Reactivated my account and got a week or two free :)
Had alot of fun and resubscribed.

The RvR is fun as allways but the PvE bit is just as fun.
I play with my wife and its really fun exploring the game once again.
The classes are great and alot of fun to play around with.
Dont know why we left the game tbh, I think I went back to Daoc.

Daoc is still the best mmo out there with nearly 50 classes and alot of different ways to spec and play your character.
But my wife thinks its a bit old and prefers something more new.

Thats when Warhammer online comes in.
It really fills a hole that no other mmo can fill.
Ive tried em all, belive me, even a free week of a weird game called WOW.

I think this game is worth checking out.
Now you can make an endless trail account and try the first tier for free.
Just try it out.

Just try it out.