On the outside its just orcs and fireballs, but on the inside, its addiction reinvented.

User Rating: 8.5 | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a MMORG set in the Warhammer universe, a dark, brutal and downright bloody world of combat thought it seems to lack the blood that made the series what it is.

With two opposing sides, Order and Destruction, players are tasked with leveling their characters to a max of forty in a highly pvp oriented series of tiers from one to four, although the option of a pve realm does exist. Through the brutality of a number of classes on each side the game never seems to disappoint unless you consider the lack there of a real player base for which to work with in a variety of ways, including, raiding, pvp battlegrounds, public quests and even the economics of an auction house.

The gameplay of Warhammer online is nothing less than exciting even for seasoned veterans of other titles. The beautiful and creative environments of the territories associated with each tier keep progression on a constant move. Problems however exist in the number of quests available for each player as they progress in levels where a lack of them fuels the players need to focus more heavily on player versus player combat. In the end it all comes back down to pvp as new objectives are pursued for endless re-playability towards the ending tiers where various rewards branch out through various challenges.

The UI of the game itself, is quite a knock off from other popular titles such as World of Warcraft or City of Heroes, but blatantly does so with no real attempt to steal the thunder only to carry on the simplicity. In order to improve this however exists a variety of options for which to customize the UI to each players own needs. The game tackles the user friendliness of other successful predecessors in order to encourage and capture a larger audience.

Although stated as none other than a temporary fix for those World of Warcraft junkies waiting for the next addition to the franchise, Warhammer succeeds as an innovative concept that doesn't let its fanbase down and seeks to (and successfully), improve upon the broader range of already covered concepts in MMORPG's as a whole.