Some great ideas, but poor design decisions and a clearly rushed effort ruin the game

User Rating: 7 | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC
This could have been a great game with some of the nice ideas they have in it, but the lack of vision with design and development of characters ruins the game. You can tell many aspects of the game was a rush job to make release.

There is so much that can be said but I will just break it down into Good and Bad points.

Good points (+)
+ Graphics look nice, lots of detail.
+ Quick in and out of PvP, mainly the Scenarios (providing you on are a populated enough server)
+ Game is pretty fun and well designed the first Tier1 (rank 1-11)
+ You can cancel you account at any time.

Bad points (-)

- Game gets worse the closer you get to Rank 40
- Far too much CC (stuns, roots, etc) by rank 40
- End game has been broke, crashing, poorly designed.
- The ORvR the main selling point of the game the game is poorly thought out, and is more of a PvE swap objectives game in a PvP zone.
- Realm population is imbalanced on most servers towards destruction.
- Majority of servers are very empty and makes the world empty with nothing going on.
- Class balance is always an issue.
- Gear sets are incomplete, poorly thought out stats wise, and many of the graphics on the gear all look the same.
- Game world is not immersive, feels more like individual sandboxes just connected together, with no real reason to go anywhere other than very dull PvE quests.
- Just a general lack of content.
- Not worth $15 a month by any means, maybe $0-$5 a month.

I'm probably leaving out stuff, but you get the point. If you get the game cheap you will probably enjoy the first month of play, then eventually you will realize what poor effort was put into the rest of the game.

Most people reviewing this game a 9 or high probably haven't played it long enough to give a real review. Same goes for AoC and all the original high reviews it got.