This is the Next Step in the Right direction!

User Rating: 8 | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC
Being a 2 year Warcraft Vet myself and latly myself and a few freinds have got Tried of Warcrafts Grindfest and Bais Class Developers who seem to ignor some classes and treat others with love.

I came across this having heard of its PvP focused gameplay and new ideas that make things intresting. Lemmi firstly say this game is fun and if your looking for a new MMO then go out and get this.

The game sadly does have a few short commings. But when was a MMO that has gotten relased not have bugs? or issues?. Mythic sied they are already working on 2 Major content patches and a Expansion. so theres Plenty of room for polish.

the games grahics are firstly very good. Better than warcrafts but not nearly on par with Age of conan. this is both good and bad why? the good is that character models and armour and the game land itself looks great. The bad is that on most larger scale battles the game may lag badly even on higher end computers. forces you to turn the settings down a bit. Hopefuly this will get fixed.

The game with it being focused on PvP(player vs player) pits you into a battleground at level 2 or so you get good indication what this game is about. and its about 2 fractions(Order of Alliance) & (Forces of Destruction)
and there both fighting each other in a War. now theres 6 races in total and a bunch of intresting classes. destruction get Dark elvs, Chaos,Green skins, While order get Humans(empire) Dwarfs and high elvs.

and you expect them to play differnt and in that sense you do they each get there own classes and starting areas fighting another race. Say you pick high Elves your main focus will be aginst Dark elvs. Though at any time you can go to a differnt area and fight there.

theres a Total of 40 levels in the game and the time it takes to level to 40 in Warhammer is about the same to 1-60 in Warcraft(Roughly) its gonna be intresting to see how the end game PvP is gonna turn out in the next few months since at the moments its too early to say.

However your main focus while leveling is gonna be the RvR zones in these you have objectives like sieging a castle or taking and gaurding flag zones. These can be pretty intresting when the players get caught up into the fray but at most times i often find myself roaming around without a player in sight, Maby its just me because im used to being a Over populated WoW server.

Sound design in the game is good also. not much to comment on it other than its what most other MMOs sound like. it does have an impressive main menu theme and the Cinimatic is pretty fun to watch.

All in all the game is fun and is what you should expect from a MMO thats been in 3 years development. it has it's issues but they are sure to be fixed.
If your comming from warcraft looking for somthing new then you will surly enjoy what WAR has to offer.