Ever want to live and breath inside the warhammer world? Here is your chance!

User Rating: 7.5 | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning PC
When this game was first announced we were promised many cities to siege, amazing RVR, tons of unique classes and a living breathing world. Warhammer online does none but one of these things and that is why I have to give it a lower score. I was so excited about this game from the moment I saw the game play to the moment i picked up the game and while I had a lot of fun in the first few levels it was near about rank 20 where the game started feeling broken. A few days before launch they removed all but two cities and a few classes and because of this, the game could have been better. With the lack of variety in weapons and gear and horrible animations this game does all but one thing right and that's the world.

The world is great to explore but with the low population and many places you can get stuck in you sadly may find yourself not wanting to explore and as the population goes down so does finding people to do public quests with which is a big portion of the game. Every class pretty much has a mirror class with the same basic abilities with different names to them and many of the animations feel clunky and not well done. By the end of the game you'll find many people who play your class with the same armor and weapons which can kill the rewarding feeling of earning something you thought was epic.

The most saddening thing about this game is the developers who don't listen and spend to many resources on adding content that nobody wants instead of fixing the current issues like class balance (which is horrible) and fixing RVR. There is little PVE content which isn't necessarily a bad thing because if you are into PVE then you shouldn't be playing this game.

Warhammer online age of reckoning had tons of potential to bad it failed to capture what many players were looking for.