Good game that gives you a nice taste of the 40k Universe. Could have something more than an endless massacre.

User Rating: 8 | Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC
The good news is that the 40k series funs will get to go inside the battles as in a first person.

The Positive: 1) As I said you get to use many of the Space Marines weapons.
2) Great environment and surroundings.
3) Sometimes it feels REALLY epic.
4) Gameplay is simple and it doesn't have any bugs.
5) The way is straight forward and you cannot get lost.

Most of the negatives are an extension of what was positive...
1)The camera does not let you see more of the good work done in the environment, loosing something that could get you INSIDE the game.
2) It SOMETIMES feels epic while with proper dialog, cutshenes and shouting could go to MOST of the time....
3) While gameplay is pretty simple and you dont need more than 3 fingers in each hand could have a little bit more complexity in character advancement or weapon arsenal (lets say upgrading weapons) to make it unique.
4) You cant get lost but you also dont have many options and terain freedom of movement.
5) Either you are alone or with companions does not make big deference.

The story does not bring something really new. An Ultramarine kills hundreds of orks gets tricked by an inquisitor that has fallen to the warp's influence and now has got to kill a daemon from the warp. Been there done that in all the DoW 40k series...
There are some really fun elements though, like the use of jump pack , particularly in the last stage where you jump from platform to platform. Sometimes you have to play strategicly and fire while in cover but most of the times is better to charge in, especially if you have a Thunder Hammer which damage is devastating, killing many targets at once.
All and all , the game is fun but won't challenge you to play it for a second time in single player mode.