Raw. Thrilling. Fun. Underrated!

User Rating: 9 | Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC

This is a fantastic action game that displays some of the best use of the Warhammer 40K IP yet. The combat is raw and thrilling; all the guns feel fantastic and the melee combat, although seemingly shallow on the surface, does have it's own nuances to it that provide an adequate challenge whilst being completely satisfying. Transition from melee and ranged combat is seamless, and all battles are fun to fight. I had loads of fun tearing apart hordes of Orks.

Any third-person action fan or 40K fan in general should pick up this game, and it is especially a bargain for the price on the PC. I found the PC controls to be better suited for this game. This new series has huge potential and I hope we see a sequel, one day, despite THQ's collapse.