A titan among RTS gaming

User Rating: 8.9 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War PC
Im very picky about PC games. Im even more picky about RTS PC games. Being spoiled on games like starcraft and warcraft , everything has to be just right. This game is just that and more.
Dawn of war is the first RTS game ive played based on capture points. At first I thought this would be a bad thing, but i was wrong. This makes the pace of the game stay faily constant. If you wish to survive you MUST move out onto the map and attempt to capture or hold these strategic points. All of the races have their ups and downs, and with patching , there arent any really over-powered races. Singleplayer is very enjoyable, is lengthy, and even has a plot. The multyplayer is a blast and there are always people playing. The only really hard choice you have to make is wich race you will choose to crush your enemies with. The graphics and FX are just amazing. The animations are perfect ; theres nothing like watching a Killa Kan buzz sawing through infantry squads left and right. The sound and soundtrack are movie blockbuster quality. All in all this is a must have for RTS fans of any flavor. Now go buy it, pick out an army color scheme , and dominate.