Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault Cheats For PC

  1. Skip big end fight

    Near the end of Disorder Mission 4 (Chaos side,) you normally must fight past a large group of Eldar and Imperial Guards to reach the psychic gate and complete the mission. To skip this, simply warp some Horrors (the 4 armed pink daemons built at the Sacrifical Pit,) over to the gate and the mission is automatically over!

    Contributed by: Crystalking52 

  2. Thnigs you can change in skirmish mode to get extra things

    First, in the skirmish options make sure the "allow cheats" is on Yes.
    Then start your skirmish and in-game press ctrl+shift+~ or for some it may be ctrl+shift+@
    and then type the following commands to get:

    Effect Effect
    cls clear console
    cheat_power(#) get "n" number of power units
    cheat_requisition(#) get "n" number of requisition units
    message_hide hide messages
    taskbar_hide hide taskbar
    cheat_killself kill yourself
    quit quit game to windows
    cheat_revealall reveal the Fog of War
    message_show show messages
    taskbar_show show taskbar
    getsimrate() show the game speed
    shadow_toggle toggle shadows

    Contributed by: Cool_gamer111 

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