possible new factions in dawn of war 3

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hey boys, this is nothing official or anything simiar

I just wanna hear your opinions about the game, and if they should include new factions

theres 3 possible options

Squats-Kinda the Space dwarves, the counterpart of the dwarvesin the warhammer world.

Tarellians-Reptile like alliens, seems like a cool choice to have with the bad guys

Hruds-The skaven of the warhammer 40K universe

they are all great options, but id like to know if someone of you would support the idea of including one of these factions, if not all three in the new game

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None of them. 

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Gun to my head to pick one, i'd pick the Hrud.

That being said i think they're doing just fine with the factions they've already done. If they're doing a new game, by all means add a new faction if you want; just do it in an expansion. Start with the factions we all know and love from past installments and then see where it goes from there.

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I doubt they will add any new races. They may finally make races like Necrons, Dark Eldar, and Tau to be playable again, since they were never playable in DoW2. I would prefer that over the others. And if they went back to the formula from the Dark Crusade/Soulstorm games, that would be great. More back to the older RTS formula with the territories and stuff would be fun, but continue with the hero, squad based formula from DoW2.

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Squats - almost destroyed race, part of Imperium in 41st millennium (as well as some other races like Ogres for example)

Tarellians - too small to become a separate faction, might pop up as a part of Tau (since Tau use them as mercenaries, but since they don't share Tau's philosophy, doesn't make much sense)

Hruds - insignificant, too small, only tied to Milky Way Galaxy, which doesn't work well with stories of DoW games and such. It's where Imperium is at it's strongest.

As others have said, don't expect anything faction that hasn't appeared yet in previous DoW games to pop up, other than other Chaos factions since games feature Khorne's units only (+one of Nurgle's units in DoW2R).

So... Imperial Guard, Space Marines (I'd like to see another chapter tho, Space Wolves the most, so far only Blood Ravens are in the story), Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Chaos (Khorne, didn't have Slaneesh, Nurgle or Tzeentch factions yet), Tau, Necrons and Tyranids.

Other than these... if soon GW releases Rak'Gol as major race/faction, it might get included in the lineup in the future too. As far as others go, there's no chance other than maybe yet another Imperial faction (eg Rogue Traders) X_x