DOW II Retribution combines all the satisfying elements of an RTS, and it kicks the boredom out.

User Rating: 9.5 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution PC
DOW II R has superb graphics, making different environments look awesome. The detailing is the icing on the cake, making everything that much better. I would say even low graphics are great, and higher settings run very smooth.

The DOW II R soundtrack is very well put together, submerging you in the game and making a feel for whatever setting you're placed in. The sound effects are indeed very realistic, making battles more epic.

This game takes out the building of your empire, and focuses more on the battles. You only need two resources, requisition and power. You gain them by capturing points. No buildings need to be built either, so you can concentrate on winning those battles. The environments are destructible, and usable. You can take cover behind them, destroy cover to prevent enemy's from usage, or even organize troops for an ambush. Multiplayer is fantastic, as well as Last Stand mode (allowing you to gear your hero of choice and level them up). Campaign is awesome, letting you choose from 6 races. All unique.

Lasting Appeal:
This game never gets old, as the combat will entertain no matter how many battles you've fought. This game is quite addictive, and I would suggest buying it. It's positively more than your moneys worth,