A fine introduction to Warhammer Universe

User Rating: 10 | Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate PC
This game is an absolute classic, not because of the year it was released, but because how well it realises itself and how well developers brought every aspect of the game to the very best standard of the year it was released.
Let me just say it is a very good transfer of figure game rules and mechanics into world of PC gaming, giving you exact taste how does WH40k match looks while playing with figures.

Yet what is most pleasing is a mix of story telling typical for Warhammer universe, wrapped in very climatic artwork and music to multiply efect that you should feel.

In here we command a pack of squads of fine Space Marines in their quest of cleansing their chapter ranks of dark history and putting end to chaos traytors. Although most missions seem really to be about same thing, the level of difficulity makes this game really demanding, and ammount of options of how to customize our squad, how to equip them before every mission, allows you to try different approaches.

This game is really hard, challenging, but so very rewarding thanks to that, truely helps you work on your skills.

It is simply how strategies should look.
If you played this game you will quickly notice that modern release of Dawn of War 2 is a perfect remake of this old title... adapted to new real-time gameplay. So if you liked Dawn of War 2, and want something even more of a challenge? This is a game for you.
Be warned, unlike other modern releases, do not expect any unit-production or reinforcements. You got your men on the mission - and you got to use them wisely and make as much of them survive - as they gain experience and can accompany you till the end of campaign. This is the true to core game about Space Marines where you command a group of proffesionals, who go in, do the job, and pull out not loosing more than two or three squad mates... unlike first DoW where, in some weird idiotic manner similar to Star Craft you just produce units like they were sheeps aimed for slaughter and waste them in ridiculous numbers. This is a TRUE old school strategy, for true commanders.