User Rating: 9.5 | Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate PC
Chaos gate was the reason i got my first PC,
i have been always a warhammer 40k fan but i encountered many difficulties on collective the very expensive army and indexes and find another fan to play.
Chaos gate brings you the opportunity to command an Ultramarine chapter (happened to be my favourite) as they are chasing chaos lord Zumran and his abominations (happened to be my prefered enemies)in order to return a stolen a valuable relic, the ultramarines are determined to chase him untill the eye of chaos and fight untill the last man standing, unfortunately there no other races to choose or fight, the only choice is fighting as an Ultramarine in the classic board game style, with 3D detailed (for their time) models and all the basic rules of the board game(the game automatically calculates weapon range and hit points letting you enjoy the battle even more), through many planets on the chase of the chaos lord,
in the meantime upportunity targets appear and the chapter has the chance to cleanse a few planets in the vicinity of the chaos presence collecting relics all the way and leave fallen brothers behind.
Speaking of fallen brothers, the chapter has a certain numbers of five man groups, you may have the the chance to control up untill 5 groups in some cases, space marines gain experience in the game and become more powerfull and effective, some of them will eventually become capable of wearing the honourable and mighty terminator armor, but if a space marine dies the chapter will have a brother less in its ranks and wont have the chance to replace him within this campaign, you will eventually grow an affection towards them, value them and take spacial care of them minimizing casualties...same goes with the special units (librarians,tech marines and chaplain) that will be eventually unlocked. Chaos Gate it is a huge step forward than the previous "Final Liberation" title, it was also a turned based game but it manages to capture the 40k gothic atmosphere very well, the music is great using chants of the ultramarines and fairly believable sounds effects, also the visuals were very improved, the game had less vehicles and less epic battles, concentrating on the action.
The 3D models dont act just like armored chess pawns, each unit has its own animations.
You dont have to worry about resources, but you do have to worry about ammunition, wich is not unlimited, you will have the chance though to find more ammunition and exotic equipment in most of the missions.
The set up varies from narrow corridors were close quarters battles take place to vast forts were epic battles with large numbers of troops and vehicles involved.
Unfortunately the game is unplayable today, it doesnt support windowsXP,
there have been created two patches but they failed to correct the problem...
if it wasnt for this, the game wouldnt have been forgotten...