A real RTS that is well balanced and no unit is to OP.

User Rating: 9.5 | Wargame: European Escalation PC
It's been years since real RTS has come out. Great mutliplayer game play. It has just about everything you could want and the graphics are actually really good, DX11. I was so hesitant to purchase this but its the right price for the right game.

So to the review,

A game set in the cold war. What a breath of fresh air. No more WWII or modern warfare.

Price $39.99 on release date!!! I mean I would have paid $60 for this!

OMG a game that released and was properly tested and NOT broken. It's amazing. Everything works just like it should. Runs smooth and plays well on 4v4.

Best of luck trying to steam roll. It just makes for really easy killing. It can never happen. There is no way to steam roll in this game. Once you play you'll understand.

Sound is a little better then okay. Every once and a while a unit will say something funny and it's actually funny.

Easy to learn about 1-2 hour learning curve to really have some fun. Single player is pretty good with lots of different ways to complete missions and you can earn offline EXP so you can compete with everyone else and unlock units.

One feature that really stands out is how you get and spend points. The better the unit the more points they cost. Everyone starts out with the same amount of points so you can play against a lvl 10 and be lvl 1 and do just fine. In fact that was my first 1v1 and I beat the snot out of them. Also you have supply. gas, ammo, repair etc. So you can't just spam arty..which is great.

Maps are freaking huge and tons of fun. It makes a little planning go a long way. Units just don't bounce around a 60 sq mile map they move and it takes gas to get them there. But its not a dumb system where you have to have this insane amount of supply trucks or someone can destroy a supply line...because there is no supply line. About four supply trucks should support a a large unit for some time. If you get into really heavy fights that last a long time your gonna need some ammo.

Load outs for vehicles and units seem to be based a real facts, their speed and range seem realistic which once again make this game AWESOME!

Mutilplayer is fantastic. Lots of different ways to use units. I can not stress enough how great it is not to have arty that is spammed. Tanks and Helios allow lots of different ways to have fun. Infantry is vital and when you plan right the can ambush like no other unit. The amount of different units is mind blowing. All different in there own way. Selecting units from an armory this big make load out and tactics endless. I have seen so many different strategies already and every time I play I try something new. I would not only recommend buying this game I would recommend buying two. Give one to your friend and let the battles begin

Overall I give this a 9.5!!!