2017 Rereview Needed

User Rating: 10 | Warframe XONE
Warframe does not seem to fall in the conventional box of games (release a game, charge people $60, make a few changes and the next year charge $60 again each time getting a new review). The reviews for Warframe are from 2014. The game has been upgraded nonstop for years since then It is time for Gamespot to rereview the game. This game is light years from where it was. It would be like having Grand Theft Auto 1s top down view on PlayStation be the current review of GTAV. I have played Destiny 1 and 2 and Warframe. I will say that Warframe is far surperior and is free. Don't believe me. Download Warframe (it's free). Try different warframes, try their powers, try out their weapons. The game is so fats and customizable. You are not stuck picking 3 classes or from bland weapons. Give Warframe a shot. What do you have to lose? $0? I will personally refund you the $0 if you don't like it.