The Assassins of Space

User Rating: 10 | Warframe PC

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WarFrame is a alien, third person shooter, ninja /assassin based game that takes place in our universe with some more planets added like the Void. It features many new and exciting things for you to do. Such as Spy, Exterminate, Assassinate, and much more. When you you start you choose from a list of three WarFrames also known as Tenno. These three WarFrames get you started for the time being, but you can soon upgrade to new Tenno. Through you first minutes in WarFrame you go there a short campaign that introduces you to Vor and his clones the Grineer. You are given three weapons Primary, Secondary and Melee, which you can upgrade or buy new ones in the Black Market. Your choice of weapon matters depending on what your are doing in a mission. Bow, Throwing Knifes and a Sword are a perfect choice for a stealth mission. Machine gun, Pistol and any choice of melee are great for just destroying everything in your path and getting seen really fast.

WarFrame has a now time feel to it with the Grineer as the terrorists and an enemy known as the Corpus who are like the illegal sellers of the universe, then you have the infestation which are zombie like creatures that have taken the bodies of the Grineer and Corpus and turned them inside out. The missions you do are assigned to you by the Lotus who helps you threw them. Also you have a companion named Ordis who is a program that is glitched so he does not really help in any way but just says things that are funny or have meaning.

I personally LOVE this game because of all the new and exciting things that come with every update. All the weapons and the parkour, and all the missions you get to do. I love customizing my Warframe with new abilities and weapons. I enjoy doing Corpus Missions do to the type of environment they live in. All the updates bring new and exciting features to the game, but sometimes take to long to update. One time it updated for a day and a half. You also need a really fast computer to run the game. Then there is the updates of rage. These updates can cause rage to all the players. The creators of WarFrame sometimes put out and updated that is so big it can't work with all you progress in the game so it restarts you progress and so you're stuck with the choice do I keep going and replay all the missions or do I uninstall the game. But from all the down side the game is the best thing that I have ever played with that kind of theme.

Still this is really a good game to get if you like killing, gore and fancy fighting. You can even play with friends or play solo. When playing solo stealth is the way to go and when with friends you can let the bullets fly because you know your friends have your back. And if you are taken down by an enemy and cant get up you can revive or if a friend is nearby they can come over and heal you back from your death.

The first few missions that you are started with can get confusing and most give up, but after sticking with it you will soon get a better understanding of what and where to go and do. Warframe will not get old for a long time do to the fact there are millions of different and exciting things to keep you occupied.