Why you should play Warframe

User Rating: 10 | Warframe PC

Warframe. A game that has combined space and ninjas to provide an integral experience for its players. Recently, a free expansion, as all expansions for Warframe are, was released called "The Second Dream". It expansion revealed the lore that the community has been waiting for since release of the game. From the story telling to the cinematic's to the music, this expansion has rekindled my love for this game. I've been playing Warframe since its initial release, or about 3 years. Watching this game not just last but grow into such a well developed and cared for game has been an amazing experience. The developers of Warframe have an in depth relationship with their community, having frequent Developer streams, giveaway's, and even occasionally hop in a game to play with their community. One of the greatest things about Warframe is that it is free to play, allowing anyone with a computer and the basic specs to run it. Warframe has been such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I hope to continue supporting the game for the years to come.

From the rich story telling, exciting solo and multiplayer game play, and crisp graphics, I give Warframe a 9.5/10.