warframe evolves, just not for new players. and don't call it pay to win!

User Rating: 8 | Warframe PC

honestly i at first i didn't know why the game is highly underrated but i did do some research. it appears that the game has to many aspects, or gameplay, and it seems like its "new player" fan-base is lacking because of it. if you are not a hardcore MMO player, or do not organize your time well, you are not going to like the game at its starter up stages. new players need to farm materials, get proper gear, and get used to the damage input system before they can acquire defensive MODS for their warframe. honestly its too much for a noob to handle. this can be avoided with membership starter packs you get for free if you are either an xbox live or ps plus member. however if you are not a specific member of any kind, good luck. to add, there are many veteran players buffed times a million, so they generally take all the kills, though the xp is shared to the squad if they are near the killer, it can be hard if the noob wants to concentrate xp on a single weapon.

I've actually seen a lot of people saying that the game is pay to win. GUESS WHAT, that makes all of you suckers! when you see that golden warframe taking on an entire army, that's all a lie. that just means the player actually knows how to play the game. the three choices for starter frames are just as good, especially Excalibur. many new payers also don't bother to even look at the market, cause they think that its just for real money. SUCKERS! look closely, and see that if you navigate properly, you can get blueprints to BUILD anything from in game collections! all you need to do is collect the material needed, and wait a couple hours for your new weapon to be forged! that is how you get thing for free in warframe, all it takes is for you to play the game. if you spend a cent on platinum, your not playing the game properly.

in WARFRAME, "farm, build, wait, level, and repeat" is one of the major aspects about the game. if you disregard it, your basically not playing 50% of the game. plus, just that half of the game is necessary to go through if you want to play the other half properly.

on a side note, i do believe that gamespot take out the level repeat as a con. thats just basically common on every MMO in existence.