They don't call it warframe for nothing

User Rating: 10 | Warframe PS4

I downloaded this game just after Christmas last year......and I got frustrated with it and removed it from my system....oh you gasp....then I re downloaded it earlier this year and the improvements DE made were incredible. Update 17 only just recently got released to consoles and again a major improvement has been made. Various game mechanics were completely overhauled and many other simple graphic tweaks were made and now the game shines really well. There is still more to come and most of us who play it know that update 18 will include something big...planet size big.

For those who have yet to play it, give it a go and really try and get into the game properly. It offers quite a lot in terms of player reward, it punishes you hard for making mistakes but rewards you for making better choices. DE have also added in certain things from its precursor game Dark Sector.

The best part is the game is no but seriously one of the best things about it is you can create your very own clan group by building your own dojo and recruiting members to help bolster and build parts of the dojo as it grows. There are some great concepts here and DE is one of the few game developers that actually listen to its gamers on the forums and make improvements and necessary changes. This has made the game as far as development leap years ahead of other games that get released and then about a year later a patch gets released....not with this. They improve and release updates almost on a monthly basis. Major updates may take a few months but they always let you know what's coming and tweaks they have made.