Warframe nerfs have destroyed the game

User Rating: 2 | Warframe PC

I started playing Warframe over a year ago and at that time was instantly addicted. That was the old Warframe. (Update 8 - 9). DE started making drastic changes, which brought us to the current update. The issue I have is with constant nerfing and listening to a small minority of people who could afford to pay for their special membership packages. They listen to those people who couldn't be farther away from the player-base in opinion or knowledge about the game, and mess up everyone's fun based on those people's input. Since Update 10, DE has nerfed (reduced power and effectiveness of weapons or abilities) everything players have gotten behind and used against their unfair and OP enemy composition. They don't make it hard to play high level - they make it impossible. They don't seem to respect the popularity of an item, they nerf it anyway. Sometimes leaving an arrogant message in the forums as if to say "tough cookies if you don't like it".

For Those Who think this is tl;dr - in brief:

  • Basic gameplay is fun, great action
  • Grind is excruciatingly punishing - may take months to get what you need.
  • Bad balance - game is being skewed towards being impossible to finish. DE made the player weaker and the AI stronger, with insta-kill elements and no escape AI responses.
  • Controlling - DE has also made changes to the game that limit the ways a person or squad could strategize - such as maing it impossible to be a bomber of sniper due to lowered ammo clip or enemy ability to pull you out of position, blow you up remotely, poison you remotely or wipe out your energy. They are forcing players into a run and gun strategy ONLY. No choice - no fun.
  • Game has matchmaking, lag, sync errors that are not being addressed - placed on the back burner while they make upgrades to the UI, nerfs to everything and port to PS4 (old version)...
  • DE doesn't recognize or reward customers based on accumulation of purchases, you MUST buy their special packages or else you are not one of the "special, chosen founders" or whatever they want to call them. You can have spent an accumulated $50,000.00, you will still have no voice over the guy who bought a $179.99 founders pack...
  • DE listens to the wrong people, making the game very nerf heavy (and unapologetic), even if it means wasting your money and your time.
  • Warframe is using the "beta" term when it is charging people for items and operating as a finished product. That is NOT a beta.
  • DE has merged with a company, PWE, that has a terrible reputation amongst the online gaming community.
  • Their support is good unless its something they disagree with, then you get flagged.
  • Their forums are good unless you disagree with them, then you get flagged... or flogged.
  • Company is getting arrogant, forgetting that people can just stop playing and they won't make money. They need to remember we are customers, not unpaid labor.
  • Did I mention the nerfs? This is the most nerf heavy game I have ever encountered - very bad experience for someone like me who came into this skeptical of online gaming in the first place...

Warframe is - or was - an action game that has a convoluted story about several factions fighting to control a "solar system". you are a space ninja, working for an insurgent group trying to keep the crap down to a minimum. You go in on missions fighting against any one of them depending on what is needed to be done. You can play Solo or with groups. (They are killing Solo with nerfs, though).There used to be strategy too, but DE keeps nerfing so hard that the strategy element is being choked out. There used to be a lot more ways your character caould contribute but DE keeps nerfing so that the only thing left is run and gun. Healers, guardians, helpers - NERFED. You get a weak gum and put a rush mod on so you can run the hell out of there...

They are trying so hard to stretch out their limited content by nerfing so its hard to finish, that it has taken atoll on gameplay. You just cannot play certain strategies anymore. They have convinced a small group of idiots that their actions are helping the game, but all it is doing is taking the fun away and making it frustrating. Those idiots run around laughing at other players who had the item they grinded to get, paid to strengthen, grinded more to get to a useable state turned into something useless - as if its funny to have your time wasted. Warframe's forum is filled with Nerfbiters who will attack you if you suggest something h]souldn't be nerfed - probably family and friends of DE employees... Who would want something WEAK and laugh at new players who had something to help them get nerfed? What kind of person id that and why would I want to keep your company?

As far as the game itself, the play is mostly solid. There is some issue with certain elements being insta-kill, such as toxins(remember Bubsy falling in the water if your old enough - that didn't go over well... nobody likes instant death in games). They have a "mod" that increases toxin resistance, but only enough to run out of the cloud. They REMOVED another mod which totally protected you from toxins (interesting, huh?) so that you are almost guaranteed to die. BTW, running out of the cloud is not as easy as it sounds - there are enemies recently introduced that pull you, and a flying enemy that zings around filling the area with clouds, over and over again... good luck, Tenno.

What was addicting was the fighting aspect of the game. DE enjoyed up-ticks of users as the introduced more powerful items, but never got that as they nerfed them later. I arrived right after Rhino's Radial blast was removed from him, which killed everything. Then there was nerfing of a shotgun, which they said they "made a mistake and transposed some numbers", then Vauban's Bastion, which kept enemies out of an area; then they announced no more stats of item - which is another effective nerf; they nerfed Trinity because she was too effective at keeping people from dying; (some of the nerfs were not taken so badly because the Toxins were temporarily removed - but they brought them back more powerful than before PLUS keeping the nerfs!); the big one was nerfing Frost's Snowglobe, so that it had a health bar and did not last as long, also added a "snow-blind" effect so you could no longer see when inside of it. Then came Damage 2.0, where the Soma automatic rifle got nerfed. I took a long break after that (because of Snowglobe not Soma). Coming back everything seemed fine, until melee 2.0, where once again a bunch of weapons lost their effectiveness, Could DE have made sure the weapons didn't lose power? Yes, but they DIDN'T, they let those weapons become a waste of time for the players who fought hard and long and even payed money to get them. They added more powerful monsters, added the ability of the monsters to get to you from more areas (climbing monsters); added enemies who can pull you; added enemies who cloud the area with insta-kill death clouds - and then took away your ability to defend against it. They added enemies who can take all of your abilities or energy away and no way for you to recover from it. They nerfed Nova (Nerfbiters were waiting a long time for that) - but the nerf backfired as she can be modded to be even more devastating then before. There is a plethora of constant, unpopular nerfs I can add - just suffice it to say that Warframe is all about selling you a bill of goods, and then selling you down the river. They give and then they take it right back away from you.

Complaining on their forum, in addition to what I mentioned earlier, will get you flagged by the development team, and suddenly everything you say will be cause to give you everlasting warning points / suspensions and bans. They are too busy and heavy handedly trying to mold what people think and will not tolerate anyone telling other users anything in opposition. The recently merged with Perfect World Entertainment which afaik is notorious for treating their customers like crap, so I'm not surprised that the forums have turned into a torture chamber. So the user experience is dismal at best - unless you idolize them and kiss their butts, happily taking in everything they do. You cant even make service tickets - the dev team will attack you in support too, or tell you screw off, that's just the way it is, too bad! I recently had an issue about actions taken against me in the forums and they put the developer that I was in opposition to on my case. Real funny. So the support needs help too.

I gave it two stars where e year ago i would have given it 5. That was a different game ad a different company. You could actually finish the game content back then. Now you cant get past all the nerf balls getting thrown at you to complete anything it has to offer - and having weak items is not fun...