It's not as bad as some would say.

User Rating: 8 | Warframe PC

Though I understand that Warframe does get repetitive, I can never get over the newest update. Update 14, it has to be one of the biggest updates I have ever seen, they added new objectives and though you really don't have quests they do have four of them which will either get you through the new and improved tutorial, which provides a better option between weapons and frames and a new system to the new user on mods, they did add something new from a few updates ago which introduced a new node in which clans and alliances fight to control, though the concept is cool on paper, when practiced the alliances that control these nodes can tax the players who play them, and right now the lowest tax is 25% of all resources and credits. I do understand the repetitive issue of this though, you need to grind in order to get resources for weapons or warframes and if you get a new warframe it's like a new born child, so you have to start on the weaker missions, but I do get satisfaction from having to destroy those weaker opponents that used to challenge you. They have added a multitude of new equipment, which some require a resource that is very difficult to come across, but the weapons are sometimes worth the time and effort. I do love the fast game-play but I also wish there could be more of a tactical aspect to it, which you and your fellow Tenno need to use to get the upper hand on an enemy. There still are a few glitches to get passed but since the game is in beta, I believe it will get better in the sense of that there will be more things to do, and make the game less repetitive.