A bitter experience

User Rating: 5 | Warframe PC

I was with this game since roughly the beginning of the beta, a year now. Over the course of that time I did get sucked into building my arsenal and accruing warframes. Unfortunately, for the entire year of updates I never once witnessed an update to gameplay. They released new tilesets, new warframes, lots of weapons but no freaking gameplay updates. This is a huge problem because Warframe is extremely repetitive, linear and offers very little challenge. Instead of creating a dynamic universive with some engaging strategic elements the devs simply put all their eggs into one basket called grind. Sure they cleaned up some of the bosses and tweaked a couple of the missions but they never made an effort to actually a) listen to player feedback b)add depth to the core gameplay/universe. Those are two huge oversights that I can't overlook. The game has absolutely become mired down in mediocre content updates behind grind walls. A shame because the artistic direction of the game was rather inspiring. The community was fantastic in offering insight into the player experience which was problematic in many important areas, but it all fell on deaf ears. I don't believe these devs deserve your time or money.