Warface Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill 10 enemies with the Defibrillator Deadly Defib
    Win 100 Destruction matches. Destruction Marathon
    Kill 500 enemies with a Sniper Rifle without using zoom. Eagle Eye
    Win 100 Plant the Bomb matches. Father of all Bombs
    Perform 10 Grenadiers Fire in the Hole
    Accomplish 100 mine doublekills with Directional Mines. Generosity to the Enemy
    Complete 5 stages in a row in the Tower Raid Mission. Gimme a Five!
    Inflict 100,000 damage to enemies. Going Atomic
    Kill 10 Heavy Gunners in a Hardcore Co-op mode. Gun Master
    Acquire rank 10. High Roller
    Collect 10,000 Crowns. Hoarder
    Kill 100 enemies with the butt of your weapon. Humiliator
    Win 100 Storm matches. Hurricane
    Win 50 Free for All matches. Last Man Standing
    Perform 50 Butcher Kills. Meatman
    Earn $500,000 in-game. Money Bags
    Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade Multifrag
    Kill 500 enemies in the Tower Raid Mission. Office Rat
    Revive 10,000 teammates. Saviour
    Kill 100 enemy players using a silenced weapon. Silent Hunter
    Kill 100 enemies while being prone in PvP. Snake in the Grass
    Kill 100 enemies while aiming. Straight Aim
    Complete 19 stages in a row in the Tower Raid mission. Survivor
    Win 10 Team Death match Victories. Team Player
    Kill the Heavy Gunner in the Tower Raid mission. Too big for the elevator
    Collect 100 Crowns. Treasure Hunter
    100 Team Death Match Victories United we Stand
    Acquire Rank 70 Warface Chief
    Carry the warhead to your base 100 times. Warhead Bearer
    Win 10 Capture matches. Warhead Chaser

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

Warface Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    There are 30 Achievements worth 400 total points.

    Achieve Rank 15 Battle-Hardened
    Win 10 Free-For-All matches Better Off Alone
    Earn $10,000 Big Bucks
    Complete the Basic Training Boot Camp
    Create or Join a Clan Buddy Up
    Create a character Check out my Warface
    Win 10 Plant The Bomb matches Da Bomb!
    Revive teammates 10 times in Co-op or Versus Doctor in the House
    Collect 100 crowns Fit for a King
    As a Rifleman, hand out 10,000 bullets to teammates in Co-op or Versus Generous to a Fault
    Achieve Rank 30 Going all the way...
    Customise all slots of any primary weapon Gunsmith
    Perform 10 climbs with your teammates in Co-op Here to Help
    Achieve Rank 5 Moving on Up
    Win 10 Team Deathmatch matches No "i" in Team
    Buy any crown weapon Oooh...Shiny!
    Finish one round of Co-op on any difficulty level Ready for War
    Complete all class training sessions School's Out
    Successfully complete 30 Contracts Signed, Sealed, Delivered
    Kill 5 enemies while sliding in Co-op or Versus Skirting Under the Radar
    Be the first player back to the helicopter in any Co-op mission Somewhere Else to Be?
    Acquire a Standard or Crown Random Box Think Lucky to be Lucky
    Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade in Co-op or Versus Tick, Tick... BOOM!
    Finish one match of any Versus mode Toe in the Water
    Finish with the highest point total in any Versus match (minimum six players) Top Dog
    Complete a Co-op mission without being knocked-down or killed Unbreakable
    Earn a kill streak of 10 in Versus Unstoppable
    Complete the Regular, Skilled and Hardcore Co-op missions on a single day War Stories...
    Get 30 kills with claymores or mines in Co-op or Versus Watch Your Step
    Deal over 50% of the damage to any enemy boss in a Co-op mission What a Mistech to Mech

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  2. Achievements: Title Update

    Win 10 Storm matches Cooking up a Storm
    Collect 20 Stripes Eye of the Tiger
    Collect 20 Marks On Your Marks...
    Collect 20 Badges Regular Boy Scout
    Kill a Heavy Gunner using Defibrilators in any Co-op mission Shock and Awe
    Complete any Co-op mission while playing as part of a Clan Team Player

    Contributed by: Guard Master