One of a Kind ;)

User Rating: 10 | WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos PC

)This is THE FIRST RTS and one of THE BEST RTS games i ever played(I played this game for the first time in 2002.)

/Even after ten years of its release I still play it,and I still enjoy playing it :D
Thats because every time i play it i always find a new challenge and new way building up my strategy.

-The Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos is successful and amazing game in every aspect of looking.

-The epic storyline,great graphics,fantastic soundtrack,amazing cinematics, nice A.I.system,and perfect game strategy is what makes this game worth playing and remembering.

-The great thing about this game is,because its simple to understand and to make new progress within,and its well balanced witch is very important.It lets you experience the fantastic and unique franchise troughout Real-time strategy together with amazing Role- playing game elements.

-The Singleplayer mode that includes the Custom game(wich allows you to improve your strategic skills fighting players) ,as well as the epic Campaign followed by fantastic storyline and amazing cinematics wich offers you a lot fun time to spend(I personally think the Warcraft III campaings are one of those few best RTS game campaings ever yet) ,together with successful Multiplayer mode are just great. :)

But what for this game is so unique and revolutionary is that its one of the first,and i must say one of the best RTS and RPG mixtures yet ,together with its amazing 3D graphics,and of course astounding,spetacular and epic cinematics that i think were just best of its time(2002/2003.)

-The very cool thing is,there is also a powerful and useful tool for experienced players to use,so called "World Editor" that allows users to manipulate aspects of game,and with expansion set "Warcraft III:Frozen Throne" the editor tool is upgraded and even offers more ways for the users to manipulate almost every aspect of the Warcraft III game,allowing them to create entirely different game than before.This opens a plentiful new hours of gameplay for players that have finished the Singleplayer mode,or are bored fighting vs. A.I. or playing the Multiplayer mode.

/All this makes a wonderful,unforgetting game experiance,and shows as why the Warcraft III is " Pioneer" of modern RTS games worth of playing that we will never forget.Simplicity and hard strategy makes some kind of harmony in this game that makes her "Just Right",and every time i tried to think and find a "bad" thing about this game,I just couldnt. :D

)I think Warcraft III teached me a lot about RTS games and give me experience that I found useful later on,and because of that i am very grateful ;)

!/_He truly is a Game of Year,and for me he is a Life Game that made my childhood happy and gaming history proud ! ;) :D

Its just too bad that there isnt any other Warcrat RTS game anymore- ;(

By: J0k3REn?gM@ §;