Its just a superb game with an ever-lasting appeal which makes you wanna come back again and again. The best RTS ever!!!

User Rating: 9.8 | WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos PC
I don't have words to describe this game. It's by far the best RTS game ever made and even after almost 4 years since its release, it continues to draw fans from around the world. This isn't a GS recommended game for nothing. Let's get into it.....

The earlier editions of Warcraft were in themselves the best of their time. With huge expectations to be met, its amazing that this game beat everything else and remains to this day the most played RTS worldwide even leaving behind the prestigious AoE series.

The unique feature of this game is that it encourages use of small, well-knit battalions instead of huge armies. This is a feature which can appear a bit uncomfortable at first but when you get more into the game you'll realize its importance. Instead of relying on sheer numbers of units, as in most RTSs, you have to concentrate on upgrading your small battalions to make them as powerful as possible. Only a small number of units can be selected at a time so you'll have to divide your forces into small groups. There is usually so much going on in the game that it really makes you think hard about your strategies. You can't always keep using the same strategy and will have to keep changing it according to the situation. There can be instances where your forces can be clashing against enemy forces on 4-5 different locations on the map simultaneously.

Every aspect of the game is truly amazing, be it the graphics, sound or overall gameplay. The graphics are simply amazing and the map is dotted with superbly designed characters. The dialog is also great with excellent voice-overs which make every character feel unique. Lets get more into the game now.

The game consists of four factions quite unique in themselves. The human alliance (comprising the elves, dwarves, and humans), and the orcish horde, consisting of the orcs, the trolls, and a breed called the Tauren (which resemble, to some extent, the mythical Minotaurs) are retained from the previous Warcraft games. The new factions are the undead with their zombie creations; and the night elf sentinels: a race of purple-skinned warrior druids. The Hero units add some great power to your army and the higher you level them up, the powerful they get.

The campaign missions of this game are very well developed and have a fair share of twists and turns. The story line of the campaigns revolves around the life of certain heroes whom you control and see growing more powerful with each level gained. In between missions are the amazing cut scenes which are a real treat to watch. The campaigns are really quite sufficient to prepare you for the single player maps and of course the online play, which is really awesome and allows for tonnes of different strategic experiments.

A game like this doesn't come along every week. You should definitely not miss it. There's so much experimentation possible in this game, that it'll keep you absorbed for hours on end.

Go Play!!