One of a kind in History.

User Rating: 10 | Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne PC
Although I classified it as a ''Masterpiece", much more descriptions go by this game : Amazing, Grows on you, Instant classic and so on. This review, even if it is for Frozen Throne also applies for the original game, because Reign of Chaos was already a Masterpiece and Frozen Throne is an... improved Masterpiece (I know it sounds crazy). I won't go into the details with lore, characters or story. I can simply say these things. The lore of Warcraft in this game was so much expanded and developed, that without it WoW wouldn't even be able to exist. The characters only range from very good to those that you will always remember, there really are no boring or uninteresting characters all of them are interesting in their own way. The story can easily par with that of the most popular fantasy books. I mean there are no philosophical or mind-blowing themes, the story is about the journey and enjoying every second of it. Although personally I find Frozen Throne's story somewhat better, but it's just a subjunctive opinion, because you will enjoy both games. On the gameplay side, well there isn't much to say as well. The game shines on every field, and for me represents the pinnacle of resource gathering RTS kind of games. It pretty much took the ideas of Starcraft and improved upon them, by adding hero units and minor RPG elements. All the four races in the game are interesting, and as strange as it sounds, they are all balanced perfectly, never did I felt a single time that some race is stronger than the other. Last thing is graphics and sound. 10 years ago when this game came out, it definitely was the best looking RTS out there. Today what still keeps the game so good looking is simply how stylish it looks like and how slick it's interface is. And it's cinematics where amazing, especially back in the day. The music is among the best, and voice acting is top notch.

In the end, simply, everything in this game is perfect. These kind of games are made once in history, and will stick with you as long as you are alive.