The best RTS game imo, much thanks to the great user mode/map creator.

User Rating: 9.5 | Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne PC
Warcraft III, was a exellent game, balanced, fun, well written ai etc, but it lacked enough content. With frozen throne one of the best rts game's became the best. It added a new and fun campaign, a whole new race to play (Undead) and lots of new units and items. It also had a groundbreaking matchmaking system who made it easy for players to connect and choose between servers and players, this might seem like a obvious thing to you but it was the first of it's kind and set the standard for many game's in the years to come.

This itself could probably make the game a 8.5/9.0 but what's really make "Warcraft III: the frozen throne" so special is the "Map Editor". A easy to use, powerful tool to create your own gamemodes, heroes, maps, you name it! It made the possibilities next to endless. Racing mods, The legendary dota (Defenders of the Ancients) who itself created its own genre of gaming is just two of the thousands examples made in "Map Editor". It is one of the few games who gave the players the possibility to explore and create in the game's engine.

The best RTS, fun to play even today 11 years later, and will be for decades to come.