A great story with good plot twists,enjoyable RTS gameplay with RPG elements and beautiful graphics.

User Rating: 9 | WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos PC
This game has a great story and 4 enjoyable races to use during the game.

The story has some big plot twists and you'll see the story of 4 different races,and some characters will die or switch sides during the story.

The story in WC3 is set after the human vs Orc war,and a new force is threatening the world,and they're known as the ''Undead''.

The undead are an army of creatures who are either dead people who have been resurrected as horrible savage creatures,or creatures that are summoned by using some sort of sorcery.What makes the undead such a huge threat is they can resurrect dead bodies(whether they're the corpses of the undead who have been killed in battle or the corpses of humans,elves and orcs who have been killed in battle),and when they resurrect a dead corpse,they'll transform it into an undead servant,so basically the undead have a limitless supply of soldiers/workers and the size of their army is constantly growing bigger and they overwhelm the other races just by using sheer numbers.

The humans,undead,orcs,nightelves all have interesting characters and the The humans,orcs,nightelves all have their own methods of how they believe they should deal with the undead threat and the undead will be trying to summon more powerful demonic entities which are almost unstoppale,and sometimes the humans,orcs,nightelves will fight eachother instead of uniting against the undead because of petty differences and even though my description of the story makes it sound not that deep,I would like to say the story is well paced,and the characters are interesting,and the strategies the races use to defeat their enemy/or to win the war are interesting and there's some big plot twists in the story too.

I like the characteristics of each race too.The humans are the most technologically advanced because they live short life spans so they try to do as much/develop their technology as much as they can within their short lifetimes.The Night elves are different to the more common elves because they like to keep to themselves and are mysterious and live in harmony with nature and can create some powerful units out of the natural surroundings or they can use powerful flying creatures such as griffins and chimeras.The nightelves do not age anymore because they use the power of the worldtree to retain their youth.The nightelves can extract wood from trees without cutting them down.The orcs are the physically strongest units,but they exhaust resources quicker(which means they'll chop down more trees which upsets the nightelves)and the orcs are not as technologically developed as the humans.The undead have the weakest units,but they're cheap to build and they like to overwhelm their enemies with large numbers and as you would expect,their units have a morbid,grotesque,savage appearance.

As for gameplay,many of the missions involve the typical gathering resources,build a base,army and destroy the enemy's base/units.There's a few missions that involve holding out huge swarms of attacks for a time period.There's other missions that involve collecting a certain amount of a resource to win or killing a specific target.But,it's the way the missions are set out that makes them fun,for example you might need to destroy 5 enemy bases and you'll need to capture their gold mines(while they still have gold in them)if you want enough gold to build units to destroy the other bases,which means you'll be in a race against time.

I like the unit designs,for example,the orcs like to do raids with their 'raider' units which are orcs that carry giant swords who ride wolves(allowing them to move quickly),and they can destroy buildings very quickly with the giant swords.The orcs have basic grunt units,that are stronger than any basic level human foot soldier or basic level undead unit.

The humans can build units that use gun/cannons(even flying helicopter style units that do so).As you would expect,the humans have the typical knights on horses and weaker foot soldiers.

The nightelves can create giant creatures that can destroy enemy buildings/units easily and the nightelf buildings can uproot and be used as powerful melee fighters.The nightelves has units that ride panthers and shoot projectiles.

The undead can build creatures with sharp claws and teeth,units that look like giant insects,units that look like giant,cumbersome deformed people who are made out of body parts that have been stiched together and dragons that have their skeleton showing and gargoyles.

The undead build quickly and require less resources to build their units with but they have the weakest units.The undead can extract gold without having to return it to their base.The orcs have the strongest basic level infantry and are the best at raiding bases.The humans have good base defenses(they can use cannons to defend their base)as well as in battle,but they take longer to move through their tech tree.The Nightelves require a lot of resources to build units with and their units are slow to build,but they have the most powerful/advanced units.Also,when you're using the nightelves,you don't have to worry as much about running out of wood,because they don't chop down trees when they gather wood from trees.The nightelves can also extract gold without having to return it to their base.

There's also special units in the game,which are known as 'heroes'.The heroes are very powerful units,and are often main characters in the game.The heroes have helpful spells that can heal/damage enemy units or resurrect dead enemies,and the heroes can level up and carry items and their spells require mana(so there's RPG influence in this game).One of the heroes can make holograms of himself to confuse his enemy and to divide the forces up who are attacking him.

The CPU can build units after it's run out of gold but doesn't rebuild buildings after you destroy them.

The missions have sidequests that give you rewards such as special items or extra levelling up or can make your mission much easier in the longrun even though the sidequest may be difficult.

Also,some sidequests can play on your emotions,for example do you want to save a village that's being attacked by the undead(and risk your base being overrun)? Do you want to eliminate bandits who attacked a family or just concentrate on your mission?

The graphics were beautiful for their time and for it's time it was the best looking 3D RTS game.The forest has trees with bright green leaves,bright brown wood,you'll see bright green grassy paddocks and beautiful blue water and flowing streams and farm animals eating grass.The desert has beautiful 3D canyons and the units are colorful.Some of the maps have villages with paved roads and people walking around too.

The cut scenes made the story characters look very colorful.There is cinematics too and they look good(you'll see Prince Arthus's long flowing hair) and they have important story elements.

I like how when the undead set up a base somewhere,the natural surroundings will die and everything will take a morbid look and I like how the nightelves have purple skin.I like seeing the nightelf hero named 'the Priestess of the Moon' riding her white tiger,it looks so elegant.

The music suited the theme for each race very well,the night elves theme music is beautiful and the undead have a fast pace,intense music.

The only things I don't like about the game is you can run out of gold quickly and the game is a bit hard at times.

But overall,IMO the best WarCraft game and one of the best RTS games ever made.