There aren't too many good RTS games for consoles , but Warcraft II Definitely fits near the top of that category

User Rating: 7.2 | Warcraft II: The Dark Saga SAT
Even though there aren't too many good RTS games for consoles, Warcraft II is a fun and enjoyable experience that most RTS fans shouldn't be too disappointed with.

The game has the exact same campaigns that came with Warcraft II and Beyond the Dark Portal, but it is still fun to replay them with the new features, like being able to auto-build, train, upgrade, etc. and also the ability select quite a bit more units at once. The gameplay is fairly simple and the cursor is fairly easy to control. If you played the PC version, its really just a matter of getting used to things like not being able to use a mouse, no hot keys and you will likely have a hard time knowing exactly how much resources you have at a certain time, but those things aren't actually quite as bad as they sound.

War2's Graphics are not quite as polished as the original game, but only this is very minor. Overall Warcraft 2 should please any RTS fan, at least for a good 2-20 weeks.