An outstanding expansion to an outstanding game. Every gamer should own this, it is a classic!

User Rating: 10 | Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal PC
Who says it's a classic? Well it was released in early 1996 and im reviewing it in late 2004. I still load War2 and it's expansion up every so often on an old machine and relive some of my old memories. Warcraft2 and it's expansion was one of the first games i played multiplayer. Back in the days where modem to modem connection was used to play games. A this was a fantastic game in multiplayer. But thats not all that was fun. Like the original, it had an outstanding single player campaign. Well, two of them actually. From the Orcs and the Humans point of view. The sounds and old humour are still there. (Like in the original where you repeatidly clicked on a boat and got the following replies; "What?" "Stop rocking the boat". "Im going to be sick". *throw up noise*). The sounds are great, as is the cutscenes. The cutescenes in the original were spectacular and they are just as greatin the expansion. The gameplay is the same, classic Warcraft style. The expansion is just more added to the classic game that we all loved.. except it also adds on to the story. The first Warcraft was where the orcs were winning and followed the Humans back as they retreated. WarcraftII the humans stopped in the invasion and pushed the orcs back into their own world. WarcraftII: Beyond the Dark Portal continues the story from where the Humans push on into the Orcs world and to continue the fight. A fantastic expansion which everyone that had War2 should own. It's a classic and a must have for all gamers.