User Rating: 10 | Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness PC
When I first played this game man years ago I was completely blown away. I was so addicted to this game I beat it four times before I took a break. When you start this game you are able to only build one unit and then ans you progress through the game you can build more and more units. After a while me and my friends networked a few computers together. This was the first strategy game that I was ever able to play multi-player. The first game I networked was Doom 2.
After a while blizzard decided that they would be really cool and create a battle net server to make it easy for people to play this all the time. This is one reason that I believe blizzard to be one of the best game manufacturers in the business. HANDS DOWN!!!
When this game came out it was a ten and I would argue with anyone that said any different...