A painfully short review on such an old classic.

User Rating: 8 | Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness PC
It's hard to believe 15 years has passed since the release of Warcraft 2, and while it didn't set the RTS world on fire (see StarCraft for that), it was for all people a far superior title to the original. Using the same formulae of using two races, Orcs and Humans, but this time supplanting many tweaks and revisions to the concoction. Mouse control was much more refined; many new units to produce and command; a much more engaging story than before. In fact, it's arguable that this is the game that really got the lore of Warcraft going and shaped it to how it is today. The previous tale felt very uninspired. If you're after the history of Warcraft, I suggest this title. It plays better than the first, has wonderful graphics that fall more in line with the modern aesthetic of Warcraft and, if you're going for the battle.net edition, still has a thriving community for it!

If you're after an old school real time strategy, Warcraft 2 is available ridiculously cheap these days and you will no problems playing it on any PC or MAC. The template is that far removed from other Blizzard made RTS games and you'll be commanding and leading in no time. You may be put off from the dated graphics and music, but the trademark Blizzard quality is there and you'll doing yourself a disservice if you pass this one up.