A slightly more primitive form of the sequel, but it still has the core gameplay that satisfies people like yours truly.

User Rating: 8.5 | Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition PC
Nothing says RTS like Warcraft. I remember the last time I went to a game shop here in Canada. and hearing a young teenager requesting Warcraft, despite not finding this hard to come-by gem, I believe he settled for this game, actually. This brings a tear to my eye almost, because it confirms the belief that this gaming franchise in particular will stand the test of time and be remembered by the generations, I'm almost positive on this. This game falls under the fantasy genre of art, I guess. Imagine something out of Tolkien or feudal Europe or something, and you'll understand the basic idea of the genre. The gameplay is fairly unique in the sense that I don't think this genre of video games (real-time strategy) is one that has a lot of titles under its wing, but for those of you who aren't familar with it, its basically an addictive-type of gameplay meshed with quasi-topographical graphic interests for the most part, which may result in a mere satisfactory grade in most people's books in this regard, but you need to realize that it's difficult to detail games of this very nature. I personally find the graphics in this title perfectly fine with only slight crack-up. The gameplay, despite its addictive nature, which results in high replay value, naturally, is somewhat flawed. There are just at least a couple of what I would call "oopses," mainly revolving around the A.I. on your side. The workers sometimes seem needlessly puzzled, it seems, and the battle units are difficult to command as well, I find. The music is really fine. I cannot find anything wrong with or find any way to really improve the music and or sound quality given the time that this game was produced in, and the subsequent technology of its time. All and all, buy this game if you can. It's really one I would recommend anyone to have. Especially if you're interested in things pertaining to war, because this game is probably the best middle age war simulator of the 20th century.