A slight improvement over the initial release...

User Rating: 5.5 | Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal PC
I need to give this game a critical look, and not let nostalgia cloud my judgment...

This game, being one of the first expansion packs ever, set the standard of all of its kind to follow: give more of the same at the same price.

Now, when I was younger, this didn't bother me at all. I know I thought this was the greatest game ever (along with Tides of Darkness), but looking at it now, what Dunecraft V.3 has wrought... (nearly all RTS follow the same strategy of build, collect, build, destroy, do it again X 1,000,000)

The game itself was not even a step up from Tides of Darkness, as all it did was add a new tile set (with matching critter), and flat hero units. The only thing done better is the game actually has difficulty now (hence I rate it better than Tides of Darkness), but with all the other factors, the game is far from deep.

The story itself is still set in a somewhat boring and generic good vs. evil universe, and of course the orcs don't win. Poooo. The AI still sucks and RUSHing is of course the only option worth employing.

As with Tides of Darkness, the shining point of this game is the very easy to use map editor.

Maybe this game has a place in your collection or on a pedestal in the Smithsonian, but it doesn't belong in your computer unless you feel like grinding away in boredom.