The predecessor that makes Warcraft III such a hit.

User Rating: 8.9 | Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness PC
I played it during the time when C&C Red Alert was also a popular sensation and being a hardcore C&C fan, I was sceptical of other RTS games made during that time, like KKND. Boy I'm glad that I decided to give Warcraft II a chance after all! Being a fantasy RTS, Warcraft II had it all. I thought only a military theme like C&C can make it work as an RTS due to their epic scale and tactical combat system but Warcraft II proved me wrong.

Combat works very well in a game like this where it strikes a balance between melee and shooting units. This is where medieval and fantasy combines to give us the best of both worlds when swordsmen and knights(tanks) could be used in force with archers and mages(artillery) to allow tactical management that would otherwise be a standard form of tactic for modern military-themed games to be so engaging. This makes Warcraft II's gameplay both challenging and satisfying. As a bonus, a fantasy based game like Warcraft enabled magic curses and blessings to be part of your tactics and formulas.

The design of the units and structures look detailed and cartoony though and each unit could give silly comments if you click on them long enough, which would definitely bring a smile to you once in a while. If you're a fan of Warcraft III and haven't tried this yet, recommend you do so to fully appreciate the classic roots of Warcraft.