*****Dust Off Your Broadsword, Its Time For War!!!*****

User Rating: 9 | Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal PC
Nearly everyone has heard of WarCraft (Tides of Darkness) – First released about eight years ago, makers Blizzard Entertainment launched a fantasy strategy game that was set in Medieval Times - WarCraft was an instant hit, not just with the children but adults alike. Everyone rushed out to get a copy, other PC games were just left on the shelves whilst WarCraft was selling like hot cakes, it was the strategy game to have.

WarCraft was so successful that it wasn’t too long before Blizzard came up with a sequel. - WarCraft 2 (Beyond the Dark Portal) – This was a continuation of the first game as the conflict between the Orcs and humans still had another chapter – the war of Azeroth was not quite over.

The game play is excellent which compensates for the graphics – the graphics are ok but you soon overlook that as you begin to challenge the new scenario campaigns on WarCraft – To be honest I may of been a bit harsh on the graphics, they are more than ok, the graphics are clear and when compared to other strategy games WarCraft passes with flying colours in that department. The sound on the game is very good – sharp and clear voices can be heard from your different characters, each speaking in different tones. The community noises can also be heard clearly giving the game more of a realistic feeling when playing – the chopping of trees, the mining of gold, the noise of a building crumbling, the clash of two swords when in battle, the burning of a building, the noise of an arrow flying in mid-air all these noises contribute to the enjoyment of playing WarCraft.

The battle scenes are also very good – a battle can be small and won easily or a battle can take hours as you retreat your troops for a change of plan or call in for more reinforcements – either way you will enjoy your duels. Battles are not only restricted to land but WarCraft also offers some great battle scenes on sea and in the air. An addictive game that offers hours of fun - WarCraft is mouse orientated.

Although WarCraft is an old strategy game, it is still one of the best and cheap selling strategy games on the market today. Anyone into PC strategy games that hasn’t played any of the WarCraft series should get themselves a copy. – Gamers of all ages will be captivated with hours of game play as you match your skills with other players or alone in fierce sea battles, icy tundra’s, desolate deserts and challenging dragon slaying conquests. Eight years later and WarCraft has not been forgotten, many of your PC shops and second hand retailer game shops still store and sell this classic game. If this game were released today October 2001 it would be an instant hit all over again.