Medieval call of duty type game that is pretty dang fun!

User Rating: 7.5 | War of the Roses PC
War of the Roses is a medieval warfare type game based on the civil war in England back then. It has some similarities to games like mount and blade but is a bit more complex in the customization and has a sort of call of duty or battlefield type experience and leveling system. The game is only multiplayer and only has a couple modes but the combat is pretty satisfying and graphics are great. Customization of your class is a great aspect as you can pick every piece of armor, weapon, and the way you want to play. I definitely think it could use more game modes such as castle siege and maybe some sabotage type stuff. So far its only conquest and team death match which are fun but get old after a while. The game is worth it at the 30$ ( if you can wait they will probably have holiday deals) price tag for the amount of fun and entertainment you can get out of it.