Oh what could have been:( Don't make fps the easiest thing to do in a melee game! It Destroys the melee

User Rating: 4.5 | War of the Roses PC
Wow, where to begin. First, the game is amazing! The melee is the best since warband and truly gives you the feel of being a knight in shining armor, a true tank on the battle field...so where did we go wrong?

Graphics: decent, better then warband , not as good as chivalry, and has more graphical errors then both. infact your game will drop constantly and you will have graphical bugs that make the game unplayable IF you dont roll back your drivers. I AM NOT ROLLING BACK DRIVERS I DOWNLOADED TO MAKE ALL MY OTHER GAMES WORK..JUST TO PLAY ONE GAME!

Sound: again decent, hitting armor, gives a nice metel of metal sound, with a blunt weapon it really gives a solid crunch..axes however have kinda an odd sound, and the overall sound doesnt pull you in. again better then warband , not as good a chiv

Modesmaps: complete garbage. there are not many servers..the TDM is usually too high ping, so you are stuck constantly playing conquest and only conquest. no real objective based maps, no seige, there is only one LTS server called pitched battle. same few maps over and over...

customizationperks: wow..they did a good job here..it would have been a great job..but most of the unlocks are completly useless..for instance.. Weapons: no one really uses any sidearms but a sword...and NOONE uses anything but toledo steel and hollow..if you are using a two hander most people take convex...there are many options to increase weapon health..but i have never had a weapon brake. once u get plate armor, you tend to stick with it.

perks: ohh wow.. i only every use certain perks..most are garbage..like movement..you could run faster and accelerate more...or you could jump higher...when you can all ready jump everything...or you could take less damage from falls..when there arnt many things to fall off of..i have 4 custom classes and all 4 use pretty much the same 2..thick regen, or shield expertwall, shield/block brake block break hamstring...the others are use less.

there are alot of cosmetic things to costomize and everyone has a different look..or would if we werent all using the same weapons

COMBAT: really really fun, then really really frustrating..even without archers. WITHOUT: pretty fun, has a simulator tactical feel to it. anyone who complains of spams in this game is an archer. the weapons feel heavy, bit clunky but overall, has a great melee feel to it. you have to have timing and aiming and especially distance. everyone runs around in plate so you must have something that can wreck plate..problemkinda cool thing is..the hit detection..is light years beyond warband and chiv

with a poleaxe..you have to hit with the head of the weapon or you will do no damage..been a few times i have been swinging endlessly at a guy while he calmly walks around me blastin with his shotgun-bow.

damage..the game does have decent damage marker..sometimes way off though ( 100 health and u constantly hit people 25 50 20 70..and they are still living..then they hit u twice and score a random critical and you are the only bleeding to death )

the game could have been fantastic in the combat department but many weapons are op or broken..for instance, it feels like very very long halberds are very very short,, you can being running full speed against a guy, facehugging him,, so close you cant even stab with you short short sword...and he walks backword poking you to death

infact the scoreboard constantly has halberders going 20-0 which is almost as ridiculous as archers who go 30-0 when the rest of us are lucky enough to brake even kd...if you arnt using a halberdbowex axesingle sword..u probably wont make 1-1 kd

the game is fun, but extreamly frustrating, you constantly feel like you are the better player getting crushed by people who exploit flaws in the game....AND NO ONE EXPLOITS MORE OR IS EASIER TO USE THEN THE ARCHER!

ARCHER: the game killer of all melee games, and yet they are in all of them..to be realistic..but it never feels realistic does it...having to learn the foot work and timing ans swings of a melee game,,,and all the while FPS'ers who are used to shooting,, calmly walk the battle usually right in the midst, just walking around with autoshotguns blasting people...

i understand that archers were an important part of medieval armies...but the simple fact remains..once the combat came to the archers and they had to fight in close combat they were doomed...you could NOT string a bow and get a shot off while some guy is running at you with a sword screaming...yet thats what happened in Chiv and War of the Roses...us melee enthusiasts got screwed.

it takes 3-4 hits to kill an archer with a sword hitting in the chest, when he is in light armor...it takes 2 shots for him to kill you with his bow..you are in heavy armor...what about the shield..there are only two small buckler..and larger...buckler..yup no kite or tower shield so the archers can 2 shot u all day with a shield equiped.

archers have unfair advantages: first everyone knows how to line up a dot on the screen and press shoot..they do none of the work and get all the kills..and when you get close and force them into melee combat..all you here is that you "spammed them to death" as if thats NOT what they did with swords back then...they never play melee so they dont know how to block or move..and alot of times they dont have to

you can be up close and they can backpedle while shooting you..average damage i do to them is 30 ..they do 50 to me everytime and they dont even need to fully charge there bow..so they can get a shot off..like every second ..AN AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN!

now,,we know about the extra fast ex axe and the glitched halberd pokes...but nonone wants to talk about the arher exploits....u chase they..run turn shoot run turn shoot run turn shoot....suddenly the foot archers have become mongols..they shoot u to pieces and u will never catch them

ladder/barrel exploits..so u are in combat striking down people left and right..u spot an archer..u run to him..he flees..to a barrel. he can shoot over a barrel ,,but my swings get caught everytime...so yeah..im in the middle of a medival combat game..now im in the middle of ring around the rosy with someone faster..and armed with a shotgun

and its not like warband..the arrows fly dead straight..people with good aim but absolutly no melee skills dominate a mostly melee game...and people say.."no its not a melee game:

well imo it is..there are so many fps games out there...everyone who has played warband or chiv or wotr has also played osme fps in there life..them objective is the same in any other game...find a good spot sit back like a coward and shoot..

so wotr is pretty much the ultimate game for fps lovers, its easy, fun, and much much simpler to learn ( becuase you have already learned it, we already know how to shoot, we do not know how to use a polearm ) and much much easier to get kills with

so y make a game where for once the people playing get to experiance a true sense of skill dominance and bravery..then you make being a coward the most easy and rewarding thing to do...

the only people who go 50-0 40-0 30-0 are archers..the only melee people who can go 20-0 are abusing the halberd glitch

and if you arnt using a bow or halberd your experience with the game will be a constant rollercoaster...sometimes you will have an absolute blast one of thee funnest gaming times you have ever had...but mostly you are frustrated beyond belief constantly feeling like there is absolutely nothing to could do..

and when you are a good player constantly losing to **** players using exploits, people using the same build and move over and over and over and they think they are great at the game..and every now and then you force them to actually play the game...like

a little bit ago..i convinced this hotshot rank 60 archer..always at the top of the scoreboard always great scores alotta points huge amount of kills. i repeatedly mocked him..saying he was only good with a bow and that i would destroy him if he fought me fairly...we fought 6 times...on the 7th when it was clear i would go 7-0 against the useless archer...he had me kicked for cheating....because i spammed my sword to fast for him to block, he couldnt do anything to keep up with me ( cuz he never practiced..only used bow ) and i was labeled a cheater by his fanboys who thought he was the greatest player cuz of his scores he would have NEVER gottan with out his shotgun bow and cheap exploits

so thats war of the roses