So... how is it?

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I received my beta key yesterday. It was weird because back when I subscribed there was a rule that if you get 5 people to subscribe using your code you would get a beta key, I actually was one of the 5 guys and i did not give my code to anyone... so I guess there is not a lot of interest in this game or I am just very lucky to be selected.

My opinion on the game so far is not great but i will make a list of things i like and things i dont like.


Things I like: 1. It is not fantasy - i think the market is oversaturated by all kinds of fantasy games it is a nice change.

                    2. The characters look very good, it is beta but i like where it is going.

                    3. There are very many skills you can learn, so you can basically create your own class.

Things I do not like: 1. The way you control your character, everything seems very crude. There are no different speeds for different types of armor (i'd expect a light armoured character to dance around a heavy plated one), combat seems very unrealistic (it is almost like a knife fight in Counter-Strike).

                              2. Except the color of the name it is impossible to tell foe from ally.

                              3. You can not hide in bushes - your name glows above you - you can not hide behind objects either so being an archer is a lot less fun as it could and should be.

                              4. Range weapons are fun but almost useless. The bow is somewhat better than the crossbow. Loading a crossbow takes forever so unless you have 100% success rate using one is not indicated. To avoid being run down in a second you must keep some distance, but it is very hard to hit a target from great distance. Imagine a FPS where you could only shoot one bullet every few seconds... how fun would that be? (Oh... one arrow is not enough to kill.)


I think this game should have been more like an RPG - aiming and the impact of your attacks should depend on your stats more than on your ability to aim or time a good hit. What they are trying to do works only for a FPS in which you have sniper riffles or a fire rate higher than 1 bullet for every 3 seconds. They could at least come up with an auto focus system so battles become more engaging.

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So... You don't want to play this game. You wan't it to do it automatically for you is it? It is the requirement of skill that pushes this genre, with only one game as its antecessor (Mount & Blade). However that was also the problem with that game. It atempts to be so realistic that it's incredibly hard to play.

I believe however this is a very good thing. Once you're passed that initial learning curve, it can be in my opinion, one of the best games ever made. War of the Roses has the potential to achieve that as well but too many bugs and mechanics still need to be fixed. It's in beta still and many re-arrangements will still be done.

Please give this type of game a chance.


Good Luck!

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Ive yet to be able to get into the game to try it. Im having the same problem alot of others are having, starting the game via steam and getting the startup message and then nothing. Ive tried all the suggested fixes including verifying files and what not, but nothing seems to work. Very dissapointed in this so far, hope they get it fixed soon.

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For me the game starts up fine, my main problem is getting the multiplayer to work. Everytime I click on the server browser, nothing comes up, I've tried restarting Steam and my PC but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. Mainly I've been playing the tutorials to get used to the combat (which is fantastic) but I'm going to leave it a few days so the devs can sort out the problems.

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this like a rpg? or does it like open world enviroment where you can walk around and do differnt things, pick up different missions or anything like that?
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Its a MP PvP game. you can unlock weapons and armor with the xp and money you earn killing people. there is no single player campain or anything, just training against bots.

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Is there any way to get into the dang beta without having to purchase it. I just wanna check it out to see if i WANT to buy it and i can't seem to find a way how to. 

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Check out this gameplay of Game of Roses!